8th Annual Product Development Excellence
in Banking Summit

15 - 16 September 2021 | Vienna / Online

The past year has hugely affected not only banks, but their customers as well. The customer behaviour changes that we can observe leave bankers with no other choice than to keep up by providing products that meet all the demands of the customer of the new era. Easier said than done.

How are banks adjusting to the changes prompted by the COVID-19 crisis in product development? Can banks emerge from this and what will product development of the future look like? How to leverage digitalisation to improve customer journey and make the product targeting more personalised? These are just a few of the topics we will discuss at our 8th Annual Product Development Excellence in Banking Summit, on 15th-16th September 2021. Join representatives of the leading banks such as ABN Amro, Santander, ING, mBank, Sberbank, Raiffeisen Bank, N26, Erste Group and many others and exchange insights on dealing with the current challenges and much more!

Hot topics that will be discussed at this annual

  • The impacts of COVID-19 on product development in banks
  • What is the “new normal” in product development?
  • Strategies used by banks to overcome the problems of the new product development
  • Digital journey – A transformation roadmap to digitalisation in banks
  • How to build effective product development teams?
  • The strategic role of product management when development goes agile



Global Head of Retail Investment Products


Pragmatic Global Product Development

In a world where the need for global scale is key for competitiveness, but technical success of global collaboration is increasingly difficult, new pragmatic approaches are needed. We will talk about:

• Steps that can be taken to get to global alignment on value propositions
• The alternatives to global execution – Pros and cons
• Suggested new models for pragmatic execution approach

Tamás KISS

Head of General Product Development


Prosperity Advisory Concept of Erste Group in Hungarian Practice

In the post-COVID-19 period product areas must give different answers for customer demands. Erste team uses prosperity advisory concept as distinguishing factor from competitors. What does it mean? How is it used in everyday work for developing real value-added products and services? Why do we think it as key success factor? After a 30 min slot you will get answers for these questions.

• Main impacts of corona on product development areas: Regulatory changes, fear from uncertainties, appetite for risk
• Role of product development in changing environment: Business management or R&D?
• Erste solution for shifting towards unique value proposition: Prosperity advisory concept
• Main elements of Erste strategy: Asset management and bancassurance – Why?
• Two use cases: Erste Future Program and launch of Everyday cover insurance policy
• Key factors of a successful product management team


Institutional Clients Digital Lead


Hiring & Onboarding a New Feature Team During COVID-19 Lockdown

A new feature team, working in full scrum mode, planned to deliver new digital features on RBI’s MyRaiffeisen customer platform for Corporate & Institutional Clients was planned to be hired in Q2 2020 and onboarded on the platform during Q3, however this needed to be done all remotely due to COVID-19 lockdown.

• Scrum mode
• Agile product development
• Remote onboarding
• Remote hiring
• Building a team from home
• Delivering features remotely

Juergen KRAMER

Head of Product and Business Development


How Are Banks Adjusting to Changes in Product Development Prompted by the COVID-19 Crisis?

COVID-19 is a crisis that has affected various industries and people, banks and customers. From social distancing to lockdowns, the behaviour is changing amongst the people. How has product development been affected in the banking sector?

• Digitalisation of products
• Assisted customer journey
• Increasing number of customers for online banks


Chief Product Owner Mortgage Products


Mortgage Excellence

Although most of the financial processes have been simplified in the last years, the mortgage process is still the least customer friendly and requires more customer engagement than any other. Over the last two years, mBank has focused on automation and digitalisation of the mortgage process to improve the customer journey.

• How agile framework can be used for complex products, such as mortgage
• Digitalisation and automation of mortgage process
• Customer journey: Customer effort and predictability

Finally, a conference where all presentations were relevant to my job

– Director, Senior Product Manager and Development at Raiffeisen Bank

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