9th Annual Product Development Excellence
in Banking Summit

14 – 15 September 2022 | Vienna

The banking industry is changing every minute, product development is one of the main factors in achieving and maintaining relevance in the financial industry. A new product can set industry standards that become another company’s barrier to entry or open up crucial new markets. What about your products?

The 9th Annual Product Development Excellence in Banking Summit has been designed to answer your questions regarding challenges and trends in product development, to enrich your steps in the product development process, to understand the meaning of agile banking, to successfully benefit from current technology innovations and to effectively communicate with customers through banking products. This interactive business conference will provide you with tips, valuable information and key strategies from top players.

At our conference you will have a great opportunity to network with other senior level decision makers in the field as we have limited seats. This conference is dedicated to experts who are passionate about finding more when it comes to product development.

Hottest topics that will be discussed this annual

  • What are the problems of new product development and how to solve them?
  • How to develop a more effective and efficient product development process?
  • Leading development and transformation
  • The power of communicating effectively in the world of tech
  • Building digital product based on the Agile framework
  • Payment operation transparency and digitalization
  • Customer care in product development
  • How to effectively migrate all services to a more digital consumption product model?



Head of FX Business Development and Transformation


Leading Development and Transformation

Traditional Businesses are very aware of the need for development and transformation. Still, most of them struggle with it. This presentation will conclude my learnings over the past 2 years as the Head of FX Business Development and Transformation at SEB.

• Why develop and transform?
• What is the goal?
• How do we get there?
• Who does the work?
• How do we measure success?


Product Marketing, Chief Technology Office


Product Marketing: The Power of Communicating Effectively in the World of Tech

We rely on the talent of developers to adopt tools and transform the digital world to ensure quality, speed, security and performance in product development. In order for engineers to collaborate, they need to understand the best way to communicate effectively.

• Provide an overview of product marketing, what it is, the challenges, and how to engage with developers effectively
• Introduce the 'DISC' model and reveal clues on how you can identify and better connect with your colleagues’ personality styles
• Three is the most persuasive number in communications. People are more likely to absorb messages/ patterns/ ideas delivered in 3's
• The presentation will highlight how you can integrate this into the way you communicate, whether delivering a presentation, writing an email or making a point

Cristian CENGHER

Product Owner Cross border Payments


Payment Operation Transparency and Digitalization

In the era of digitalization, the majority of initiatives, products and services are addressing the customer channels. The market is offered with various payments means (from accounts, toward cards and continuing with crypto assets), and apps with excellent UX apps. But the engine of this new landscape lays hidden in the back and most of the time forgotten. Are back office operations suitable for digitalization? Can channels survive without a performing back office?

• What are payment operations responsible for? Which processes are running in the back?
• What is the list of painpoints needed to be handled on a daily business?
• How can be back office digitalized? How can this support the E2E payment flow?
• What does the future look like?


Head of Digitization, Products & Processes


Product Development of Raiffeisen Infinity - the New Web Based Business Banking Application

The audience will insight from the idea, the vision through the whole development cycle as well as the launch and roll out to customers.

• Analysis of customer needs
• The vision to offer the Raiffeisen business customers the most comfortable application in the market
• Must-have functionalities & value added features
• Agile development
• Communication & roll out


Deputy Hub Lead, Home Journey Development Hub


Customer Care in Product Development

Genuine care for customers is key to any successful business. But how does that translate to digital product development? How do we build a customer centric culture in practice? I will share some learnings from our journey to manifest the care for our customers in a tangible and visible way.

Valuable and beneficiary. I liked best about this conference the variety of topics along digitalisation from different speaker.

– Head of Wealth Management Operations Europe, Deutsche Bank

We offer to world’s leading companies at our summit

Case Studies

Experience leaders will provide you with lessons learned.


The chance for market-leading business knowledge networking.


All attendees will have a great opportunity to discuss a selection of topics in small groups with their peers.

New Ideas

We are partnering with experienced professionals to provide creative ideas, inspiration, and guidance.

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We are committed to achieving new standards of excellence by providing conference formats that encourages interaction, networking and high class knowledge sharing. With experts, well-supported staff, motivated to deliver quality, Allan Lloyds vision is to be recognized as the global leader in providing high quality business conferences.

What we offer to world’s leading companies

  • Experience-based case studies
  • Round table discussions
  • Impeccable networking opportunities
  • Limited number of seats in the audience ensuring friendly atmosphere
  • No media or press presence


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